Hand Crafted Character

Ashes & Kings was founded on the belief that character is at the heart of good design.

Whether in the form of fashion, art, or music - character is what makes you stand apart from the rest. This is why Ashes & Kings creates accessories & decor using hand-picked selections of wood. Each branch has it own story to tell through a combination of natural influence and calculated design. This makes each carved piece stunningly unique and full of character.


The beauty of wood doesn't come from a mould.

It can’t melted down, poured and remodelled over and over again.

The beauty of wood comes from it's growth, experiencing the elements and adapting around them; from the blossoms and the hardships in its life. 


It can tower above and fall to the ground; burn to ashes and build a palace fit for a king.


It’s character and strength sets it apart from the rest.


Passion for design in all its forms.

Ashley King grew up on a hobby farm North of the City of Toronto.

The property backed directly onto the York Regional Forest, fuelling an appreciation of nature and it's beauty at a very young age.

After moving to the city to pursue her career, Ashley began collecting and carving wood pieces as a way to reconnect with her forested roots.

With a background in fashion & graphic design, she began crafting her carvings into jewelry for local markets and began specializing in cufflink design in 2016.


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